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Whether you’re a residence owner or a construction industry professional, ToolRaid is the right full-service partner for all your residence/Office improvement needs. No matter what plan you have in mind, we’ll tackle it with our years of experience managing projects around the globe, extensive technical knowledge, strong design sensibilities and customer-focused approach.

Landscaping | Dubai | ToolRaid

ToolRaid offers professional landscaping services throughout Dubai, UAE. For expert landscaping installation and repairs, give ToolRaid a call. 

Lawn and Garden

Professional Landscaping Services in Dubai, UAE


Effective landscape design and maintenance not only improves the beauty and value of your property, it also improves our environment. At ToolRaid, we understand that well-maintained landscaping is considered a valuable amenity by current and potential tenants. The curb appeal of your properties is crucial to your success as a property owner or manager, and professional hardscape and landscape design and maintenance make all the difference. We are proud to offer a full range of customized residential landscape design, installation, maintenance and plant care services in Dubai.


Landscape and Hardscape Design and Installation


Landscaping is so much more than just the flowers, trees and shrubs. Walkways, water features, lighting and decorative elements serve as the backdrop for your plants, defining the space and providing a sense of structure and order. ToolRaid also installs irrigation systems to make everyday care simple and effective while helping save water and reduce cost. Paver stones, concrete and granite are just some of the beautiful materials we use to create the perfect exterior environment. Our unique climate requires careful selection of plants and trees, and the right soil preparation to ensure their longevity. From palm trees to flowering shrubs, our professional landscape teams understand how to create the perfect green environment to accentuate all of your properties.


Dubai Residential Landscape Maintenance


You’ve invested significantly in your properties’ curb appeal and ToolRaid specializes in protecting your investment. Weed and pest control are critical for a healthy landscape. We use the most progressive, environmentally conscious materials and methods to accomplish these goals, while keeping the safety of your tenants, their children and pets in mind. Maintaining drip systems and irrigation components ensure an appropriate and cost-effective level of water usage. Fertilization keeps turf green and vibrant, and proper pruning ensures healthy plant and tree growth. We offer regularly scheduled maintenance as well as clean-up services and seasonal treatments for insect and weed control.


Whether your properties require common area landscape maintenance or private yard care and upkeep, ToolRaid is Dubai’s landscaping expert. Our building and residential maintenance services are unique in the industry and we guarantee your satisfaction. When you trust ToolRaid to maintain the exterior of your properties, you can rest assured that they will always look their best.

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